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Are you busy today? If not come & get your book signed!
6 days ago – Sat, Jun 16, 2018 at 03:51:38 PM


My fellow Jersey folks! What y’all doing today? I’m signing at the Barnes & Noble in Clifton at 2pm! There will also be a discussion about the book.

I’m really hyped about this signing as it’s in the county I grew up in & this signing is taking place about 15 minutes from where I lived for 15 years. Out of all the signings I have done this one means the most to me.

Heck, the book takes place in Paterson, NJ, which is located in Passaic County, where the signing is happening. It’s as full circle as can be.

Anyways, I hope some of y’all come thru & hang with me. I MIGHT give out some secret information!

Peep the image below for more info! See ya at 2!

Bingo Love Honeymoon Teaser
about 1 month ago – Sun, May 20, 2018 at 11:09:48 PM

 Hey folks! Happy Sunday!

This is my first update on a computer in how long? IDK, but expect gifs babyyyy!!

 So. I've got a few updates to tell you about and both are pretty...

 Up first is this pretty little gem and I am friggin proud of myself. While it did take 4 months longer than I imagined, I'm - for the most part - finished shipping. 

 Lookit that pretty little number. Zero books are ready to ship. ZERO. But lookit those other numbers. 113 backers STILL haven't filled out their surveys. 19 have answered, but haven't put their addresses in. Meh. Those shipped numbers don't include the comic conventions books I've shipped either. I've mailed over 3000 books and I'm sooo glad it's almost over!

If y'all haven't sent in your surveys, PLEASE ANSWER THE SURVEY HERE 

Next month I'll be reaching out to those who have had their books returned to me because of wrong addresses, moves, etc. Why next month? Cuz I'll be in Orlando for Megacon this Wednesday and then, Book Con in NYC from 5/30-6/3. Middle of June I'll be in New Orleans for ALA. I'm sooo hyped about these upcoming events! I hope to see some of y'all there. There's a possibility that announcements will be happening at one of these events. I've got new book coming y'all!

 Anyways as I mentioned, here's a TEASER for the Honeymoon story written by Marguerite Bennett. Unfortunately, Asia Kendrick-Horton ALSO pulled out of the story, so there's a new artist on board. I won't be unveiling the artist until everything's finished.

What I'm about to share with y'all, you GOTTA promise to not even share this with a soul! This is a secret!.

You ready???

 Hopefully none of y'all can figure out the artist. *fingers crossed* Details WILL be coming soon! As always thanks for all the tremendous support.

Shipping Update
about 2 months ago – Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 11:34:10 PM

Howdy folks,

Another shipping update for ya.

Tomorrow 285 #BingoLove packages will be going out to #Kickstarter backers & convention fans. Those 285 packages cost me $1400. In total I have mailed over 3500 books (do the math, it’s hella scary) since late December - majority of the books by myself.

Many folks have been EXTREMELY understanding and supportive, a few hundred people have been jackasses. If I could turn back the clock, I would’ve said books would arrive in March, as well as gone with a fulfillment center instead of putting a tremendous strain on my body. I’m disabled and there’s only so much that I can do.

My reputation has been hit because I didn’t mail these books out in time. I’ve been called a scammer, have a fake Twitter account that goes into detail on how I’ve never mailed out books and kept the money to go on trips, buy a house and everything else in between.

I received $57,148 on this Kickstarter, the creative team ran me $40k, packaging supplies = $7k, printing was $12k, rewards = $5k, postage (so far) $18k. If you did the math, that means I went WELL OVER the $57k. I had to take out multiple loans and max out my credit cards to get everyone’s books out to them. I NEVER IMAGINED Bingo Love to be this successful!!! Talk about being a good and bad thing at the same damn time 😩😩😩 Image taking the printing off my tab (still have to pay, just not upfront) brought my costs down some.

So when I see people calling me a scammer and that I stole their money it pisses me off because I’ve ruined my credit, went almost a month without medication because I couldn’t afford it, got behind on bills, just to give people their books. I miscalculated due to the overwhelming success. This is not on ANYONE BUT ME, and I knew that I had to eat those costs. People do steal KS money, they don’t give backers what they’ve paid for, but that would NEVER be me! So I did what was necessary to make sure everyone will get their merchandise...even tho I am 4 months late.

Knowing that the end is almost here and I won’t have to mail out books for that much longer makes me so happy!

Anyways. Books are coming! Thanks for your support. If your books aren’t in this batch, don’t despair, they’re still coming! Pinky promise! I’m busting my hump as fast as I can!!!

Here’s a pic of some of the books. I’ll snap a few more pics and post them tomorrow or later this week.

Have a good work week folks!

Delivery Update. Plus Yall Really Yelled At My Kid?
2 months ago – Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 06:58:03 PM

Howdy folks!

Just want it to be known, just because I haven’t updated it doesn’t mean the books haven’t been mailed. I have been sending out a steady trickle of books here and there, I have about 3-600 left.

It was great seeing everyone in Chicago who supported the Kickstarter. Thank you so much for your kind words. Now...there were people who approached my daughter — who was manning the table while I was signing — and I gotta ask:

Does it make you feel good to yell and get smart with my child? Did you wait until I was gone to start yelling?

Whoever these folks were, you’re soooo lucky I wasn’t at the table when you pulled this shit. You’re yelling at a kid because her disabled mother didn’t deliver your book fast enough. Wow...what an ADULT you are.

I never thought this Kickstarter would blow up as much as it did, otherwise I would’ve gotten a fulfillment center to do it. I’ve never been so irritated and aggravated in my life. The name calling, the threatening has gotta stop.

I 100% wish I never did a Kickstarter for this book. I know the good outweigh the bad, but some of y’all...

So those who are upset that I, a disabled woman who got books delivered during the winter when it snows all the time, am not moving fast enough here’s what we’re going to do. Contact me and I will arrange a refund, you won’t get all of your money back as you’ve received the pdf back in November, but you’ll certainly get monies back.

To those whose books have been returned I know my last update I said I’d go through them and contact you, and I haven’t. I’ve been busy sending out 300 books to those who haven’t gotten it first. Once I’ve shipped these next set of books I will work on returns. So kindly be patient and let me send these books out.

If backerkit says it’s been shipped, it was shipped. If you haven’t gotten it yet, my guess it was returned and sitting in a huge stack of books I have. I will get to the stack AFTER I shipped the remaining books.

If you ordered at a convention, your books ARE COMING! Everyone’s books are coming. I’m only 4 months behind schedule...MY BAD. I’m one person not a company.

If Image didn’t pick up Bingo Love, I wouldn’t have received the books until February waiting for it to come overseas.

Thanks to those who have been kind and not being belligerent via emails. Thanks to those who come up to me at cons and apologize on behalf of those who have been disgustingly rude to me. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, even those tarnishing my name.

HOWEVER...if you ever in your life yell at my kid and she tells me who you are, we WILL have words.

An Unfortunate Update
3 months ago – Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 07:14:26 PM

Howdy folks.

I’m very sorry to share with you some news from DJ Kirkland. Unfortunately due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, he will be unable to continue and complete the free bonus Bingo Love story entitled Secrets.

Writer Shawn Pryor, myself, DJ, and the Bingo Love team were extremely excited to share the story of James’ secret with you all, but alas DJ won’t be able to work his magic. Shawn and I hope it can still be brought to life in the future, as it is a beautiful, touching and caring story written by Shawn.

Please join me in sending love to DJ (@ohheydj) and wishing him the best on his future endeavors!